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Five District Attorneys Pen Letter to Governor in Favor of Climate Change Legislation

A handful of Massachusetts District Attorneys are petitioning the governor to support legislation associated with climate change.

In a letter penned by Middlesex District Attorney on behalf of herself and District Attorneys Andrea Harrington, Michael Morrissey, Rachael Rollins and David Sullivan to Governor Charlie Baker, they point to the specific legislation they are supporting.

“We would like to express our strong support for S.2995, An Act Creating a Next-Generation Roadmap for Massachusetts Climate Policy,” Ryan wrote. “The important provisions and goals encompassed within this legislation are consistent with all of our efforts to work to enhance safety and to create equity within the many diverse communities and neighborhoods across the Commonwealth.”

They also explain why they believe that climate change and criminal behavior are linked and why that makes this legislation necessary.

“This legislation is needed now more than ever,” the letter reads. “As we are certain you are aware, climate has long been associated with trends in incidents of criminal activity – See Ryan D Harp and Kristopher B Karnauskas Environ. Res. Letter ‘Global warming to increase violent crime in the United States.’ Similarly, environmental conditions are intertwined with inequality, economic standing and other factors that lead to crime … Economic deprivation and insecurity cause increases in crimes like larceny and robbery to satisfy economic needs. These pressures also intensify anxiety and impact social interactions which may lead to domestic violence and other assaultive behaviors.”