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Francis Wyman PTO Recycling Textiles into Dollars

Did Santa bring you some new clothes?

The Francis Wyman Parent Teacher Organization is asking you to not throw out your old clothes. The Francis Wyman PTO would like people to drop off their unwanted clothing in the donation bin located behind Francis Wyman Elementary School.

The donation bin is a collaborative effort between Bay State Textiles and Burlington PTOs benefiting Burlington Public School and the environment. Bay State Textiles collects the items out of the bin on a monthly or bi-weekly basis and they donate $100 per ton back to the school.

According to studies done by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in 2010 and 2011 textiles make up 5% of Massachusetts’s waste. Bay State Textile accepts old clothes, shoes, blankets, jackets, bedsheets, pillows and even stuffed animals are welcome. The school earns money for any textile you drop off. A representative from the Francis Wyman PTO messaged with BNEWS via the Francis Wyman PTO Facebook page.

“Seems like it wouldn’t be a lot but it adds up quickly. Especially around the times of the year when folks are doing a lot of clothes shopping like the start of school and holidays.” The PTO participant continued, “Every little bit helps especially when we can’t do a lot of fundraising due to COVID, and our funds are struggling due to a variety of other circumstances.”

The Bay State Textile bin behind the Francis Wyman Elementary School is a great way for the community to help out the schools and educate on acceptable items for textile recycling and reuse. Bay State Textiles has been a great partner for all the PTOs in town to help raise funds for Burlington students.

For more info on the program you can visit the Francis Wyman PTO website and see all about Bay State Textiles.