BCAT offers a variety of training workshops from the beginner level to advanced levels in a variety of areas of production. Whether your interest is in learning the basics or honing your skills with post production special effects or learning the advanced features of shooting with our cameras, we have workshops to meet your needs.

All BCAT training and workshops are FREE to those who live or work in Burlington

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Orientation - Thursday September 14th 7 p.m.

Welcome to BCAT. This meeting will include a tour of our facility and will give the background of Cable Television in Burlington and the evolution of BCAT.  Learn how you can get involved in public access television and what BCAT has to offer.   Also, the process of getting your own show produced will be covered.

Class Size Limit: 12

video control

Intro to Tricaster - Wednesday September 20th, 7 p.m.

So you want to do a studio shoot with cameras and a crew in the BCAT studio. Impossible you ask? No, it’s totally possible with a Tricaster! Take this class to learn how to set up and operate the station’s Tricaster Studio.

Class Limit: 6

intro to journalism

Intro to Community Journalism - TWO-PART SESSION
Part 1 - Thursday September 28th 6 p.m.
Part 2 - Thursday October 12th 6 p.m.

Have you ever wished you could get involved telling important stories in your communities? Want to hold your elected officials accountable? Join BCAT for an introduction to news reporting, including how to find news, identify sources, conduct interviews and assemble a story. In the first session, you will learn the basics of local journalism. Then you’ll go cover your own government meeting or community event and spend the second session working on a news report that may be featured on BCAT.

Class Size Limit: 6

sports coverage

Sports Coverage - Tuesday October 3rd, 7 p.m.

Burlington High School is a hotbed of exciting sports games, and we want you to get involved in our coverage! We’ll teach you some techniques of how to record your favorite sport and give you some tips about announcing. Is there a sport you want on BCAT that we currently don’t show? We’ll teach you how to get it on the airwaves?

Class Size Limit: 6

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Adobe Premiere Pro Editing - Wednesday October 18th, 7 p.m.

You shot out on location and now it’s time to make a production out of all that raw footage. Which take is the best to use? What is b-roll? What is a timeline and what is it’s relationship to a sequence? Sign up for this class and find out.

Class Size Limit: 6


Audio Inside & Out - Thursday October 26th, 7 p.m.

Audio is one of the underappreciated aspects of television production.  Do it right and no one notices. Do it wrong and your production is ruined.  Come on down to the studio and learn how to set up audio for a variety of settings both here in the studio and in the field.

Class Size Limit: 6


Camcorder for Beginners - Wednesday November 1st, 7 p.m.

Want to cover an event in town? Shoot something on location? Whether it’s the big game, a concert, or making your story come to life, you will need to learn the skills to successfully capture your event. This course will show you tripods, shot composition and more, all on BCAT’s BRAND NEW camcorders!!

Class Size Limit: 6

advanced pro tricks

Advanced Production Techniques - Wednesday November 8th, 7 p.m.

Have you ever wanted to talk to a second-version of yourself on camera? Make yourself fade away or disappear behind a tree? Maybe shoot fire from your hands or fly through space? We’ll show you basic ways to create visually convincing illusions or visual tricks to simulate imagined actions and events. You’ll learn practical in-camera effects as well as basic application of digital and animated effects in post production.

Class Limit: 6
Perquisite – Basic Camcorder and Premiere Pro Editing


Intro to Gimbal for a Smartphone - Thursday November 9th, 7 p.m.

Learn how to capture smooth, moving footage on your smartphone with Smooth-Q3 Smartphone Gimbal. BCAT will teach this easy-to-use motion stabilizing device to masterfully record dynamic video ight on your smartphone.

Class Size Limit: 6

Learn how to capture smooth, moving footage on your smartphone with Smooth-Q3 Smartphone Gimbal. BCAT will teach this easy-to-use motion stabilizing device to masterfully record dynamic video ight on your smartphone.

Class Size Limit: 6

advanced tricaster

Advanced Tricaster Techniques - Tuesday, December 5th 7 p.m.

This workshop takes an in-depth look at the technical functions of the studio.Have you always wondered how the weather man is keyed over the weather maps?  How does that “box” appear in the news? How can I add a slow motion replay?  Well, this workshop will answer all those questions and more. We will take a complete look at the Tricaster video switcher and explain some of the advanced applications. There’s so much to learn from BCAT’s “Studio-In-A-Box”. Take your production to the next level and go in-depth on some of TriCaster’s more intricate features like live-streaming, chroma keying, and virtual sets!

Class Size Limit: 6
Perquisite – Intro To Tricaster Studio

podcasts rodecaster

Intro to Podcasting- Wednesday December 6th, 7 p.m.

Podcasts are all the rage today. Want to get in on the action? We’ll give you the tools you need to start your own podcast and teach you how to operate the Rodecaster Mixer in BCAT’s new Podcast Studio.

Class Size Limit: 6


Intro to BCAT’s Robotic Cameras - Thursday December 7th, 7 p.m.

Learn how we cover government meetings at Town Hall or school events in the BHS auditorium without ever leaving the BCAT Studio. This course will cover the basics of our robotic camera systems.

Class Size Limit: 6

holiday night

Volunteer Holiday Night - Friday December 15th, 6:30 p.m.

It’s a night put aside for you here at BCAT to be able to get together, share your ideas, brainstorm and hangout with your fellow volunteers. Long time BCAT people can come and share your experience and well-earned wisdom. New to the studio? Come see how it’s done. Enjoy some refreshments and watch a holiday film.


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