Video Voyagers meet on Zoom every Wednesday 3PM-5PM during the school year.

What is Video Voyagers?

It’s a program where students learn about the BCAT facilities and video production. Participants are taught the proper use of video equipment for both in-studio and on-location productions. They work both in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes taking turns as videographer, director, graphics, audio, etc. and utilize programs such as Adobe Creative Suite and Tricaster Studio.

Projects are shot over the course of each school semester and edited into a full half-hour television program for broadcast on BCAT and viewing on-demand on BCAT’s YouTube channel.

We are still navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic with many students attending school remotely. Each week, the Voyagers will receive an email invitation to a recorded Zoom meeting, run by BCAT’s production coordinator, John Viaes as participants take on the challenge of creating content in the comfort of their own homes. Regular support is given to all participants with an interest in any aspect of production.

Why Join Video Voyagers?

Video Voyagers encourages participants to imagine and develop their own ideas and teaches them how to bring those ideas to life through video production. Past activities include short skits, fun with the green screen, how to perform as characters and even created a superhero team.

Ask anyone that has gone through the Video Voyagers program and they will say “They had a blast!”

How do I Join?

You can register throughout the school year either by phone: 781-273-5922 or e-mail:

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Video Voyager Archives

Check out our videos below to see the work created by the Voyagers in past seasons.