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Girls Varsity Field Hockey Starts Season with a Win

The BHS field hockey team is in full swing as the lady devils conquered their first win of the season at home against Woburn with a final score of 2-0. During the game two of the offensive corners scored both of the goals which lead to an effective game plan for the rest of the match.

“That was our most effective play on offense, and for us that was a positive,” said Coach Ruth McCall.

During Woburn’s possession, the Devils defense was not as energetic as the offense but still maintained a rhythm against their opponents.

“We got tired and worn down and that’s when Woburn stepped up their offensive plays,” said McCall.


The girls have had a winding start to the season with numerous weather related cancellations; the team had to rework their practice schedule on and off the field.

“It’s been a little tricky this year with the weather, we couldn’t get on the turf when we wanted to and had to rework our practices,” McCall said. “This really threw us off as far as starting out the season and we were falling behind with that and started slowly gaining that back up.”

There are many returning players on the roster this season, including seniors captains Carli Boodakian and Morgan Butcher who bring their enthusiastic energy to their players while on the field.

“We both have very cheery energy and we try to spread it throughout the team,” Boodakian said. “We are always cheering everyone on and encouraging them.”

Boodakian and Butcher said as captains of the team they want to show leadership to the other players.

“Definitely having the opportunity to be a captain you learn leadership,” Butcher said. “So it’s great to be in control of the team.”


Finally, McCall is focusing on improving the team’s record from last season and developing the team’s strength and reversing the team’s weaknesses.

“We are definitely looking to improve our record from last year,” she said. “First half of the season we are learning about some of the teams we play, but we really want to gear up for the second half when we know more of where we are going.”