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Girls Varsity Volleyball Team Falls Short to Lynnfield

The girls varsity volleyball team did not get the job done last Saturday where they traveled to Tewksbury High School to take on the (15-3) Lynnfield Pioneers in the MIAA State Volleyball Tournament. 

Although facing the number two seed was no easy task, the Lady Devils still went into the game with enthusiasm and competiveness.

“Our game plan going into the finals was to just play with as much energy and intensity as we did in the semi finals,” Coach Courtney Wall said. “Knowing that Lynnfield was a very strong team, we wanted to compete at a high level and put up a good fight.”

It was a hard fought match up but in the end the girls could not pull through. The Pioneers outscored the Lady Devils three to nothing.  

“Unfortunately, we fell just short in the finals due to too many errors on our part,” she said. “We did put up a very intense fight and definitely never gave up, but our game was not as clean as it needed to be against a strong Lynnfield team.”

The team started out the year with a 0-3 record in their division. But, by the time they reached the fourth game against the Wakefield Warriors a winning streak began.

“Overall, we couldn’t be more pleased and excited about our season,” Wall said. “However, the girls kept working very hard every day to turn that around and improve their skills to compete at a higher level.”

One of the biggest stunners of the team’s season was the huge upset against Arlington Catholic, who at the time was the number one seed in the league. The Cougars only had one loss in the regular season against Lynnfield. They made it to the third round of the playoffs where the season would end in favor of Burlington.

“Making it to the North Finals was certainly more than we had expected entering the season,” Wall said. “But it was awesome way to finish out the year with such a great group of players.”

Beginning with a 0-3 record and ending the season with a trip to the MIAA Finals, the girls showed their opponents their consistent level of effort, heart and determination.

“I think they surprised a lot of people when they beat Arlington Catholic in the semis, but that is the type of team they were this year,” she said. “One that never gave up on a game no matter what the score was.”

As the offseason begins, Coach Wall encourages the girls improve their skills coming into next season.

“I hope they all take that quality with them moving forward the season,” Coach Wall said. “The ‘never give up’ attitude, it will carry them a long way.”

As for Coach Wall, she will be coaching an off-season team and will be attending a coaching clinic.