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Girls Varsity Volleyball Team Wins Second Game of the Season

The girl’s varsity volleyball team won their second game of the season this past Monday night against Wilmington Wildcats with the final 3-0.

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Head Coach Courtney Wall said the team has been focusing on making adjustments based on how they performed from previous games.  


“Against Wilmington, we wanted to maintain the same high level of plays that we had demonstrated the previous week against Winchester and Wakefield,” Wall said.


When playing an away game there are some slight disadvantages, one of them being the different sizes of the gymnasiums.

”All gym sizes vary slightly, it is always an adjustment within the first few points of the game to get your bearings on the area that surrounds the court,” Wall said. “Some larger gyms have a lot more space around the court and it therefore takes a few plays into the game for the players to get comfortable with the depth perception of balls that are in versus out.”


The Lady Devils have worked efficiently on identifying the opposing player who leads the team in point scoring.


“This had been successful because it is more challenging to defend if everyone across the front row is a productive member of the offense,” Wall said. 


resizedimage400306 Girls Varsity Volleyball Team Pic 2Coach Wall is looking to improve the teams serve receive performance and their strategy on defense. She said these have been the areas of slight inconsistency for the team so far this season.


“We’ve definitely made huge gains in these areas since day 1 of practice and the girls continue to work hard every day to improve, but we still have some hard work to put in,” She said. “The more consistent we can be in these areas, the more we will be able to play in system offense, which for us is critical to our team’s success.”


There were a number of miscues and errors in the game, primarily on the amount of points the girls gave up against the Wildcats.


“We hold ourselves to certain performance standards and we were not completely satisfied with Monday Night’s performance,” Wall said. “We knew we could have performed more consistently both offensively, defensively, and mentally.”


While the girls continue to improve their skills on the court; they also demonstrate a high amount of effort in their practices.


“They really have a passion for the sport and the drive to compete at a high level, which is always awesome to be a part of a coach,” Wall said.