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Growing the Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund Committee

At the May 2022 Town Meeting the assembly voted in favor of an Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund. The fund allows taxpayers to make a contribution on their tax bill that is used to defray the real estate taxes for eligible elderly and disabled residents. Similar to the way the scholarship fund donations are made, there will be a check off box on the tax bill for residents to make a donation to the Elderly and Disdabled Taxation Fund.

According to Massachusetts law the Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund requires a committee consisting of the Town Assessor, the Town Treasurer, the Director of the Council On Aging and three members appointed by the Select Board. The committee would assess applications and disperse potential funds accordingly.

The Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund Committee; currently Assessor Paul Terney, Treasurer Gary Gianino and COA Director Marge Yetman were recently before the Select Board requesting permission to solicit further members. 

“We’d like to have this up and running for this year. Have applications due by the end of January, make decisions sometime in February and grant these funds for the 4th quarter bill,” explained Terney.

There are income limitations and exemptions for those who apply to receive the aid. Yetman explained COA social workers will help make sure applicants have everything in order to qualify. COA staff will also help spread the word to Burlington seniors. 

Needing to finalize the processes before moving forward, the Select Board voted unanimously in favor for the Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund Committee to seek further committee members.

Those interested in being a part of the Elderly and Disabled Taxation Fund Committee can contact Lyn Mills at 781-270-1659 or email at