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HELPIS “Exhibition of Kindness” at the Burlington Mall 

With all the hustle and bustle of Black Friday sales and the holidays in general about to bear down, HELPIS “Exhibition of Kindness” is presenting a display of generosity to start the holiday season.

The Burlington based network HELPIS has been performing charitable deeds of kindness going on 11 years, connecting people in need with people who want to help. Founder Joyce Deliyiannis spoke with BNEWS about the “Exhibition of Kindness” happening at the Food Court of the Burlington Mall on Sunday, November 27th 12pm to 3pm. The exhibit is about the art of kindness by HELPIS participants featuring photo collages, a slide show presentation and a performance by the Burlington High School Orchestra.

“It’s of all the people who’ve done acts of kindness over the years. The pictures are just a little portion of it,” said Deliyiannis. “It could almost be like the story of kindness”. 

The event is being sponsored by Burlington Mall boutique AnnaCalisa owner and HELPIS board member Den Bisema. The Graphic Group donated their creative services designing the picture collages, signage and the decoration of the giant selfie frame at the Mall.  

Along with displays of the different people who’ve contributed to HELPIS over the years there will be a slide show being played that was provided by Stephen Cataldo owner of Kelsey Media Productions

HELPIS Treasurer Kate Mun said she’s looking forward to the special appearance by the BHS Orchestra. 

“You can’t get much better than a string orchestra in the Mall,” laughed Mun. 

BHS Orchestra Director Julie Weller arranged for the students to perform and volunteer their time. The students will perform holiday music from 12:30 pm to 2pm. 

“A lot of the kids have actually volunteered with HELPIS and donated things so it’s kind of a nice connection,” said Mun.

HELPIS will be giving away Kindness Kits for children and for people who would like to perform acts of kindness during the holiday season. There will also be a large box for accepting clothing donations.    

“Our biggest season of need is December, January and February mostly because of the weather and the added expense that families face with heating bills and whatnot,” Mun continued. “We also work with a lot of homeless teens and teens in foster care. The donations we’re asking for are mittens, gloves, scarves and small gift cards, $10, $20, $30 to fast food places. They’re really, really helpful for people who are experiencing homelessness so we can give them a place to go in and get warm for a few minutes,” said Mun.

Deliyiannis applauded the HELPIS Board for all of their efforts on “Exhibition of Kindness”.

“The whole board has worked so hard to get this done. A big thank you to them,” said Deliyiannis.   

Looking past the holidays Deliyiannis has plans to bring the “Exhibition of Kindness” to different audiences. 

“We’ll have a small exhibition, and display them in different areas like in schools and different companies, in the hallways and the waiting areas and have the exhibition to move around,” said Deliyiannis. “Leave something behind us in honor of the good people. Sharing, making awareness, making people feel good. It’s a beautiful thing to display.”

If you know any one in need during the holiday season or throughout the year simply notify HELPIS of the need for kindness.