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High School Building Committee To Hold First Meeting

The newly formed committee in charge of upgrading the Burlington High School plans to meet for the first time Thursday in a virtual meeting held on WebEx. 

The committee was first formed in the School Committee’s Aug. 29 meeting, with School Committee Member Katherine Bond serving as the chair and School Committee Chair Martha Simon serving as the vice chair. Other committee members include high school, administration and town leadership, as well as high school teachers, parents and students. 

A brief agenda for the committee’s first meeting includes introductions and a review of a Request for Proposals to select an Owner’s Project Manager, the contractor who will serve as Burlington’s partner throughout the process. 

Burlington has been accepted into the MSBA’s school replacement program to repair or replace Fox Hill Elementary School, but its requests for support with the high school have been turned down by the MSBA for more than a decade. In response, Burlington this year decided to begin the process on its own without state support, but with the hopes of following state procedures and getting support down the line.