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Lahey Health Posts Q&A on COVID Amid Omicron Variant Spike

Living through a pandemic, even one that is almost two years old, can be scary, anxiety inducing and overall confusing.

Fortunately the doctors at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center are here to help.

“The prevalence of the Omicron variant has brought with it new challenges and new questions,” they posted. “We understand that many of our patients need information about where and when to get tested for COVID-19, the latest guidance on quarantine and isolation, and much more.”

To provide the answers they created a list of commonly asked questions and provided all the latest information to answer them. There are questions about getting tested, what to do if you have symptoms, the difference between quarantine and isolation and more for anyone worried they might have the virus. They also have answers to questions people often have once they have tested positive.

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