Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Bike Paths Reduce Traffic, Create Opportunity

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 

Traffic congestion in Burlington has gone from bad to worse, from occasional inconvenience and frustration to a daily pain. Congestion exists because the State has failed to adopt policies that encourage the use of other means of transportation besides the automobile. It is time for local solutions and the Community Preservation Act (CPA) offers funding that can make that happen.

Burlington can reduce the number of cars on the road by making bicycle commuting a viable alternative. The obvious place to start is improving the Minuteman Bikeway (the Lower Vine Brook bike path) so it provides an alternative transportation route into town from both Bedford and Lexington. Paths and designated lanes can help riders get into the office park areas of town.

Another bike plan would be a protected bike lane down Cambridge Street. If implemented, we would get a whole different population out and bike riding in Burlington. From kids to adults, it would make Burlington’s central business area more accessible and people friendly.

Bike paths and lanes will also enable our high-tech employers the chance to offer employees a lunch time and after work opportunity to get outside and enjoy the virtues of Burlington open spaces. With CPA funds, Burlington can take advantage of partnership programs offering State grants for biking. 

It is time to take advantage of the CPA program. Please vote to accept the Community Preservation Act (Question 5) on the November 2022 election ballot.

Monte Pearson
5 Willow Way