Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Burlington’s Master Plan and its relationship to the Community Preservation Act

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 

The Town of Burlington has a Master Plan (draft).  This planning document was the result of many contributions including community conversations, public workshops, community surveys and public meetings.  The Master Plan was an intense discussion over a 2-year time by representatives of Town Boards/Commissions/Committees, Town Meeting members, our residents and our business community often meeting twice per month.

The Master Plan recommends that:

  •  Burlington should upgrade play structures and disability access and provide decent restrooms for the 13 parks in our town.
  • Burlington should create a bicycle network that could link to the Minuteman Bikeway
  • Burlington should take steps to preserve the historical assets (e.g., Common, Center School, Francis Wyman House, West School, Old Burial Ground and many other homes built in the 1700s).  
  • Burlington should improve existing parking for our 250 acres of permanently protected Conservation areas 
  • Burlington should develop a new adult softball field complex, outdoor recreation facility and evaluate the feasibility of an outdoor swimming pool
  • Burlington should adopt Community Preservation Act as the funding mechanism to address these needs

Proximity, availability of and access to open space and recreational resources are known to positively affect social and emotional wellbeing.  Preserving historical structures tell the story of Burlington and celebrates what makes our Town unique

The Community Preservation Act is referenced 8 times in the Master Plan.  If these are your priorities as the Master Plan says, then the Community Preservation Act can make it all happen.  

Please vote YES for CPA on Question 5 in our November election.

Larry Cohen