Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Community Preservation Act – Community Input for Burlington’s Future

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 

This election, Burlington Voters have the opportunity adopt the Community Preservation Act (CPA), by voting YES on Question #5.

The Town’s leadership has done admirable work over the years planning responsibly for our community’s needs of safety, health, education, and infrastructure. Voting to adopt the CPA can offer  a unique opportunity to go beyond the basic needs of the town and allow us to focus on what many residents value:  our open spaces, recreational areas, historical past, and more affordable housing options.

Over the past few years, through many surveys and public forums, our community members have collectively given input to our Administration and Elected Officials as to what is most important to them.   A comprehensive Master Plan in 2018, and an Open Space and Recreation Plan  in 2019 were created. In addition, the Housing Needs Assessment (July 2022) and the Vine Brook Watershed Flood and Urban Heat Island Assessment Report (MVP) (June 2022) were just completed. 

Through this transparent planning process, residents expressed their desires for more protected open spaces, better parks, preserving our history, and progress toward more affordable housing for our community.  Moreover, these plans contain a countless number of recommendations for preserving and improving the character and quality of life in town. The CPA provides the Town of Burlington a mechanism to invest in these priorities.  

Voting YES for CPA will create a new revenue stream through a partnership between the Town and the State that provides member communities funding dedicated specifically for these areas.   A community requires balance of many factors to flourish and remain vibrant. The CPA will help provide this balance of public amenities with everything else our Town has to offer and will make Burlington remain one of the most desirable towns in the area. 

If, like me, you believe investing in our community benefits us all, please VOTE YES  for bringing the Community Preservation Act to Burlington – YES on #5.

Shari Ellis
YES CPA Burlington
Committee Member