Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: CPA Will Make Burlington Better

The following is a Letter to the Editor:

What can CPA do for Burlington?

It can help fund a River Walk over the soon-to-be abandoned well fields off of Middlesex Turnpike. It can fund bathrooms at our parks. It can fund improvements to our fields so that our youth can play on fields comparable to those of neighboring towns. It can fund improvements to historical properties such as the Burlington Museum, making it handicapped accessible and providing air conditioning. It can help fund more affordable housing for our seniors and disabled, allowing them to live in Burlington with dignity. It can help fund a boardwalk along Blanchard Road, allowing people to walk or bike safely in this area.

Why CPA now?

Burlington is losing out on state funds every year that we postpone joining CPA. Many of us are already paying into CPA when a real estate transaction occurs, or when a permit is recorded through the Registry of Deeds. This money is going to other communities that participate in CPA, not Burlington.  

Surrounding communities that participate in CPA have received millions of dollars from the state to spend on projects. Burlington has received nothing. Since CPA began in 2000, no community has ever withdrawn from the program. Town Meeting will have the final decision on what projects will benefit from CPA funds.

CPA will make Burlington a better community for all of us. 

Janice Cohen 

Member of Yes CPA Burlington