Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: In Support of the Community Preservation Act

The following is a Letter to the Editor: 

Dear Burlington Voters,

Please support the Community Preservation Act.

As a Recreation Commissioner for 20 years, and Town Meeting Member for 10 years, I admire the cooperation among our Town Meeting, Ways & Means, Capital Budget, department heads, boards and commissions. All are committed to maintaining services and infrastructure while keeping our taxes reasonable.  Many recreation improvements become categorized as “really nice to have” and “wonderful enhancements” but can only be considered after funding the expenses that are required to keep our town functioning. 

Our Recreation Department offers great programs, but our parks fields, and facilities lag behind neighboring towns many of whom are CPA members. Bike paths, improved fields, pickle ball courts, restrooms, updated playgrounds and pool are often requested by our residents 

If CPA funds had been available last year, they could have been used to renovate the Simonds Park basketball courts.  With the current state match, CPA would have saved the town $48,000.  In the near future, the Simonds Park playground will need a complete renovation, at a potential cost of over $500,000.  With current state match, CPA would save Burlington taxpayers almost $150,000.  Another benefit… existing fields could be completely renovated using CPA funds.   

Yes, CPA is a tax increase, but comes with a state match (last year 40 cents on the dollar).  There are exemptions for seniors and those make less than 80% of area wide median income. 

Burlington is a wonderful community, but it could be even better with CPA.

Thank you, 

Kevin Sullivan