Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Letter to the Select Board in Response to the DEI Committee Report Presented on Feb 28th

The following is a letter sent to the Select Board and requested to be published as a Letter to the Editor:

Select Board

I am thoroughly disgusted by the Select Boards treatment of Dr. Barbara Addison Reid at its February 28th meeting. Right from the get-go the Board was hostile and and antagonistic to her. At Citizens Time, when Joanne Frustaci commented on this treatment of Dr. Addison Reid, Board member Hogan cut her off to say that it went two ways, that he was insulted by Dr. Addison Reid asking the Board, Why did you create the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee?Ignoring the fact that that was not an insulting question, Dr. Addison Reid asked that after being attacked for over 22 minutes. So please, spare me. It was embarrassing to see such unprofessional behavior from the executive branch of our town. No one who comes before any Town board, commission, or committee should ever be treated this way. In addition to being attacked, particularly by member Hogan, Dr. Addison Reid was laughed at by member Runyon, who said that employee selfappraisal would never happen in this town. Well I have news for you: I worked for one of the largest companies in the world, IBM, a company of about 350,000, and selfappraisal was standard practice, and they continue that practice today. I certainly hope some Board resignations are forthcoming as what happened on the 28th was appalling, unacceptable, and a stain on our community, and you are all culpable

David Miller, TMM Precinct 4
19 Gloria Circle