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Letter to the Editor: Town Meeting Members in Support for Melissa Massardo for School Committee

Dear Burlington Residents, 

We are excited to write this letter endorsing Melissa Massardo. Melissa is our neighbor and we were thrilled when she announced her candidacy for School Committee. We know she is capable, efficient, balanced in her views and will bring much needed energy to the board. We discuss town issues often so we know she has studied many facets of the school district. She has thoroughly read and researched budget plans, school enrollment data, curriculum standards, statewide comparative data and attended numerous School Committee meetings. She rolled up her sleeves and got appointed to the town-wide Transportation Subcommittee. 

Melissa is the right person to make critical decisions facing the district. An MBA and experience managing budgets and large-scale projects are exactly the skills needed. She is approachable, able to work with a variety of stakeholders and wants to increase parent involvement. The school department is nearly half of our $152 million town budget. We trust Melissa will ask the right questions to ensure we don’t repeat budget mistakes previously made. She will safeguard the budget and strive for expenditures that drive excellence. 

This election is unique with a long standing, respected School Committee member retiring. Don’t let chance decide our School Committee – please vote absentee now at Town Hall or show up in person to vote. As the parents of two BPS students, we respectfully ask that you give Melissa your support and one of your votes on Saturday, April 9th. 


Liz DiTucci, Town Meeting Member
Dan DiTucci, Jr., Town Meeting Member
6 Ridgewood Lane