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Lighting Install at Burlington Sculpture Park

The Burlington Select Board recently voted on whether to accept a lighting installation donation for the Burlington Sculpture Park. The offer was made by Bob Nevola of Bob Nevola & Sons Irrigation and Landscape Lighting.

The board’s Sculpture Park liaison Nick Priest relayed the logistics of the proposal to the rest of the board.

The setup calls for two different sources of power. A transformer at the Grand View Farm for the main Sculpture Park area and a transformer across the street about 10 feet away from the American Dog sculpture on the corner of Center and Bedford Street. The 12 volt landscape lights will be flush with the ground so they can be easily mowed over.

Mr. Nevola will provide for the wiring and transformer boxes as well as the machinery to create a slit in the ground to run the electrical so no ground will not be dug up. The lighting will be designed to be subtle however if the light becomes intrusive, it can be adjusted.

Board member Mike Runyan expressed his firsthand experience with Mr. Nevola’s work.

“I happen to have the good fortune to live across the street from Mr. Nevola and enjoy the landscape lighting he has on his property. Very professionally done and maintained,” Runyan stated. “I have no doubt he would treat the Sculpture Park in the same fashion”.

The Select Board voted unanimously to approve the donation.