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Math for Equality To Benifit India

Do you want your student to brush up on their math skills and contribute to a vital cause? Look no further than Burlington.

“My name is Aadi Dash, and I will be attending BHS as a 9th grader this fall. Last summer, I started a program called Math for Equality. My aim for this program was to make connections with younger students through free private math lessons. In turn, I asked for donations, which went to a charity that supported the voices of African-American men and boys in their verbal fight for equality. My original goal was to raise $500, but Burlington’s amazing community helped me to raise around $1000. Even people who didn’t have children participating in Math for Equality donated, which put a smile on my face.”

Singing up is easy.

“I will be running Math for Equality this year, and all the donations I receive will be going to the Indian Red Cross Society. India is currently facing numerous problems because of a surge of COVID cases in the past few months, including lack of space, oxygen, and equipment in hospitals. The situation has gotten worse recently, with the discovery of the Delta Plus variant of COVID-19. On the news, I have seen how the pandemic has impacted Indian citizens, and I am heartbroken to see that the exciting, bustling cities I enjoyed in India have turned sad and desolate. Most of my extended family lives in India, and I have talked to a few of them who had COVID-19. I remember the pain that I heard in their voices, and I don’t want anyone else to go through the same agony. That is why I want to make a difference and help families in India through this COVID crisis.”

If you want to be involved, check out below

” I hope that even if you have not experienced or seen the terrible state that India is in first-hand, you could still consider donating. Any donation amount is really appreciated, as even a few dollars can mean a lot to someone in need. To donate, please visit:…/help-india-breathe….”

“This summer, Math for Equality will start on Monday, July 5 and will run until Friday, August 27. I will be providing free private math lessons for students going into grades K-8. During these lessons, students will improve on math skills that they struggle with, or learn new math skills that they will need in the future. To sign up for Week 1 of Math for Equality, please visit: Thanks.”