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MBTA 351 Route Returns to Burlington 

Burlington’s Economic Development Director Melisa Tintocalis reported to the Select Board that the MBTA 351 bus route resumed as of August 30th. The line goes from Bedford Woods in Bedford to 3rd Ave. in Burlington. 

COVID initially caused the MBTA to shutdown the 351 which affected Billerica, Bedford, Burlington and a connection to the Alewife MBTA station. The MBTA reached out to the Town of Burlington to see how they could best restart the 351.

The 351 is a critical source of transportation for Wegmans and 3rd Ave. hourly workers. Tintocalis did several site visits with the MBTA and 3rd Ave. stakeholders. They came up with a plan for a five to eight minute layover and have a connection to 350 at 3rd Ave. The bus’s layover location is along 3rd Ave. in front of The Archer Hotel.

The use of an existing bus stop in front of Wegmans on 3rd. Ave is currently being ruled out for the layover location. 

“Because the road there is too narrow for any kind of layover. Even five minutes it’s too much of a log jam for traffic,” said Tintocalis.  

Tintocalis explained that Wegman is exploring the possibility of a curb cut build out for the MBTA bus stop along 3rd Ave. in front of their store.

“That’s something we’ve shared with the Planning Board and wanted to share with you, to have that on your radar,” stated Tintocalis.  

Board member Nick Priest commented on 351’s new layover stop. 

“The layover situation isn’t great, but it’s solved and I appreciate the MBTA working with us on that,” Priest said.  

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