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Name the Town Center ‘Pocket Park’ Contest 

The Town of Burlington is offering the opportunity for you to name a local landmark and win $100. Burlington is now accepting submissions to name the ‘Pocket Park’ in the Town Center at 184 Cambridge Street between Sweet Ginger & Coldwell Banker Realty.  

The Pocket Park is a public/private partnership with Murray Hills Inc. that converted a few parking spots to create a space for events, relaxing, meeting friends, and patronizing local businesses. Individuals, groups and organizations can apply to use the Pocket Park for gatherings of all kinds, business events and more. Burlington’s Economic Development Director Melisa Tintocalis spoke on the Pocket Park endeavor.

“Our efforts are to inspire and transform everyday Town Center spaces into active places that promote engagement and economic development, and create exciting places to live, work, play, and shop. The Naming Contest is another way to engage and encourage Burlington residents and businesses to improve their environments and engender civic pride.”

The selected name will be displayed with signage. Submissions should be one to three word names that are concise and distinctive from a regional standpoint and must not infringe on any trademarks or licensed products. If more than one person submits the name that is chosen, a random drawing of the duplicate entries will determine the $100 Grand Prize winner.

All entries must be submitted by 5pm on Friday, July 22th. Town Officials will choose the winner and a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Pocket Park’s new moniker will take place in September. Click Here for the entry form.

If you have questions regarding the contest or making use of the Pocket Park, email Burlington’s Office of Economic Development at