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National Public Works Week Acknowledged with Proclamation for Burlington DPW

The Town of Burlington’s Department of Public Works Director Brian White was before the Select Board as part of National Public Works Week, a tradition the Burlington DPW has celebrated for years with the support of the Select Board.   

“Our staff takes a lot of pride in their work and the services we provide and this recognition goes a long way with them,” said White.  

The Select Board Chair Mike Runyan expressed his admiration of the work the DPW does.

“My message is the same as it always has been. Very proud of our DPW, all the members; highway, water/sewer, engineering, cemetery”, lauded Runyan. “You’re staff. It’s just an outstanding job, you guys never get the recognition you deserve” 

Board member Mike Espejo shared Runyan’s commendation.

“You people do a lot of stuff that many people don’t see behind the scenes. You keep the town going in the middle of the night or a water main break is always out there and it’s very much appreciated,” said Espejo. 

Member Nick Priest recalled his own experience with DPW. 

“No one gets to see what you do, unless it directly affects us”, said Priest. “There was a water main break right in front of my house, it was January. It was incredible to watch the guys work. The focus and dedication. My kids were amazed”.

White, who only took over for longtime DPW Director John Sanchez in November 2022, highly regarded the DPW crew. 

“If it wasn’t for their commitment my job wouldn’t be this easy,” commented White. 

Runyan read the proclamation, which was as follows:

dpw proc image