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New COVID Number Show Increase in Positivity Rate but Drop in Total New Cases

The omicron variant has been causing a spike in cases across the state and much of the country in the past few weeks but experts are saying it may have hit its peak here in Massachusetts.

According to data from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health the 14 day average of daily incidents on December 30 was 80.1 per 100,000 residents in Burlington. On January 6 it was 146.6, on January 13 it was 246.5 and in the latest number released on January 20 the average per 100,000 residents was 249.3.

14 Day Average Daily Incidence Rate

12/31 80.1
01/06 146.6
01/13 246.5
01/20 249.3

The percent positivity rate on December 30 was 9 percent, rising to 15.22 percent on January 6. On January 13 it was 21.89 percent and finally on January 20 it came in at 22.07 percent.

14 Day Percent Positivity Rate

12/30 9%
1/06 15.22%
1/13 21.89%
1/20 22.07%

However, the total number of new cases added did dip in the last week. On December 30 Burlington had 221 new cases, on January 6 the new case count was 484, on January 13 there were 545 new cases but that number came down to 323 new cases in the January 20 report.

COVID Cases Added Since Prior Week

12/31 221
01/06 484
01/13 545
01/20 323

Health experts advise residents to get vaccinated and a vaccine booster to help protect themselves. Also continue to wear masks and social distance as much as possible when in crowded areas.