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New Rec Maintenance Facility Nearly Ready

The new Parks and Recreation maintenance facility at 10 Meadow Road is nearly complete according to DPW Director John Sanchez.

“It’s almost there, but it’s not ready yet,” said Sanchez. 

Although construction is complete they are waiting on the town’s Building Department for approval and a Certificate of Occupancy. Something Sanchez hopes will come through in the next few weeks.

“We’re hoping it’s before the end of the month,” Sanchez said. 

The new big blue building at 10 Meadow Road is set to house Parks and Recreation maintenance as well as vehicle repair for the Rec and DPW cars and trucks. 

There are still a lot of things that need to happen on the project as a whole. Once the new facility is approved the employees at the Highway Dept. located on Meadow Road, behind Kohls, will occupy temporary facilities and trailers at the new building. The plan is to have the old highway facility demolished by the end of the month. The building of the new Highway Department facility at the same location will take about a year and half. Sanchez hopes that by the end of 2022 the employees in the temporary facilities at 10 Meadow Road can be moved to the new Highway Department building. 

“So we have a lot of moving parts,” noted Sanchez. 

Sanchez says the new Parks and Recreation maintenance facility is very close to being ready for occupancy and may be opened in phases so they can begin taking down the old building.

Sanchez says they are hopeful that by the end of the month everything will be ready for things to move forward and the plan to progress.