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Nick Priest Announces Candidacy for Select Board

A few weeks ago I announced my candidacy for re-election to the Select Board. And as I prepared my campaign and continued on in my first term I realized that running for re-election is a different experience. 

When you run for a seat you don’t hold you have to convince the public why you’d be good in that role. But when you run for re-election to maintain your seat, you now have to leverage the work you’ve been doing during your prior term to prove that you are still worthy of their vote. 

Three years; you’ve got three years to develop a resume worth voting for. 

So what have I done in the last three years to prove I’m still worthy of the role of Select Board Member?

I have pushed to improve our infrastructure, establishing a Transportation Committee and aiming to think about how we create solutions in a holistic and thoughtful way. 

I originally ran on a platform of stronger communications and we are moving forward with a Communications Initiative that will provide deeper insights that we will be able to leverage to enhance how we communicate with residents. 

I helped to establish an Economic Development department to ensure our community has economic stability.

I worked to re-establish the Information Systems Advisory Committee and championed a brand new cybersecurity policy to protect the town from cyber threats.

There is more, but there will always be more. Priorities will shift causing us to have to make tough decisions about how we move forward. But the goal is to do it together, always.

Every day I continue to work for the people of Burlington. I am fallible and I recognize that as a leader there is always more to learn. But for as long as I continue to earn your trust and your vote I dedicate myself to growing with our community for the better. 

I am humbled to serve as one of your Select Board Members and look forward to continuing to do so. 

Our election is on April 9th this year. I hope that you take some time to get to know all of the candidates that are running and when you come to cast your ballot that I have earned your vote.