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Nouria Energy Presents Updated Gas Plaza Plans to Planning Board

Nouria Energy returned to the Burlington Planning Board recently with revised plans for a gas station, eatery/convenience store on Middlesex Turnpike between parcels 59-63.

The stretch begins at 57 Middlesex Turnpike Road where there is a closed DeAngelo’s Sub Shop, right next door to McDonald’s. On the other side of DeAngelo’s is a Shell gas station owned by Nouria. The company wishes to combine both parcels and construct a six-pump gas station with an eatery and convenience store.

Plans for the site were originally proposed in the spring of 2021. After a couple of meetings, Nouria withdrew its plans without prejudice.

“The whole street is somewhat of a gateway going into Burlington from the southerly end of town,” said Tom Murphy of Shea, Murphy & Gulde PC, representing Nouria. “I know for a fact that this board has been making a concerted effort over the past few years to try and dress things up down there because frankly, aesthetically, it’s not that attractive. You’re trying to pick it off site by site, as things come before you, which is what your supposed to do, and I think everyone appreciates that.”

Nouria’s updated plans include a “village-style” look with the pitch roofs and dormers with a little bit of the the hip roof coming around the ends.

 “I think there’s no question, at least in my mind, this is a an improvement and there’s no way it’s more detrimental, substantially more detrimental, than what’s there now,” Murphy said.

The proposed 500,00-square-foot convenience space would sit on the southerly end of the site where the DeAngelo’s will be raised. According to the plans, there will be 22 parking spaces to accomodate customers who come in for convenience supplies, and a deck of sorts along the turnpike where patrons can dine.

The complex will be separated from the Dunkin’ Donuts next store with a 15-foot buffer zone with evergreens and plantings designed to reach 6 feet in height. All utlities will be undergound and lighting state of the art where it only shines where it is supposed to, and not on abutter’s properties.

Members of the board brought up several points they’d like to hear discussed at the next meeting, such as potential flooding, roof runoff, snow removal, and traffic as it enters and exits the entrances to the plaza. One asked for a rendering of what the lighting will look like at night.

What type of fast-food restaurant will be in the space was also a concern. Would the parking lot be overwhelmed if the restaurant was a big attraction?

It was also noted by the board that because Nouria withdrew its previous plans without predjudice, that the current project is considered brand new.

The representatives of Nouria agreed to bring more information to the next meeting on Dec.1.