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Pet-Loving Resident Donates Second Pet Chip Reader to Burlington Police Department

The Burlington Police Department will soon have a second pet chip reader thanks to the generosity of a pet-loving resident.

Windi Dellemonico, owner of A Better Way Petting Sitting Services, donated the reader at Monday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting. This is the second such donation she has made this year.

Click Here to see a video about the first donation.

Dellemonico said she was inspired to donate the original chip reader after a lost husky was found wandering on Cambridge Street last April. A friend of hers was able to get the dog into a car and Dellemonico met them at the police department but she then discovered the police didn’t have a reader at dispatch and the animal control officer wasn’t on duty. Further, the list of registered dogs at dispatch was out of date.

Dellemonico said she decided to purchase a chip scanner for the department in case future lost dogs were found and brought in. She made a post to a resident network on Facebook and soon people were offering donations to help. After a short period of time she ended up with $1,746 to buy a $400 scanner. Now she had to decide what to do with the extra money.

“After thinking about it all weekend I thought we could run a microchip clinic and pay for people’s dogs that weren’t microchipped yet,” she said.

She teamed up with an organization called Better Vet, a mobile pet service, who offered a discount on all the microchips and she had enough funds for 47 of them. The clinic was held on Sunday, June 13 but due to some no-shows and some people arriving with rescue animals that were already chipped and they didn’t know it, she ended up still having extra funds, roughly $400.

She said she spoke to Lt. Dan Hanafin and asked his advice on the best way to use the funds. He suggested a second scanner would be useful so the department could have one at dispatch and one in the command car.

Dellemonico decided that would be her plan of action. She was at Monday’s meeting to officially make the donation, a requirement of the town. Members of the board said they were grateful.

This shows the resolve of the community – when there is a need people step up,” Selectman Nick Priest said. “Thanks to you and to the people who donated we ended up with two scanners and an event.”

Selectman Mike Runyan said the first scanner had already been used by police to find the owner of a lost dog.

“This is a great story,” he said. “The chip reader is already paying dividends so a second one in the supervisor car is great.”

The board voted 5-0 to accept the donation.

Photo: Wendy Dellemonico with the first pet chip reader she donated (courtesy Burlington Police).