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Preliminary FEMA Floodplain Maps

Conservation Administrator John Keeley has heard from concerned residents regarding their property being classified in a floodplain by FEMA and may require flood insurance.

Keeley informed the Select Board FEMA’s floodplain maps have not been released to the public as they are going through departmental review by the town, however the information is not being withheld. 

“People ask if their property is in the flood plain, I may say ‘No’ but it’s possible that may change as they are preliminary maps,” explained Keeley.

A listing of floodplain maps can be found on the FEMA website or call the Conservation Department 781-270-1655.

“There are going to be dozens and dozens of residents that will be in the floodplain and may require flood insurance, if and when these maps become final.” stated Keeley. 

FEMA will be holding a community meeting at the end of 2023 and then have forums in spring of 2024 for the town to give feedback with the goal of making the maps final by mid 2024. That time table could be subject to delays.