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Red Devil Football Had Another Tough Loss Against Wakefield

The Burlington Red Devils returned home on October 8 to face the Wakefield Warriors at Varsity Field. 

The Red Devils started out with the ball at their own twenty four yard line. Burlington center Isaiah Bunten delivered a high snap to quarterback Ronan Noke that resulted in a loss of fourteen yards on the play. On second and twenty four Nokes pass was incomplete. Now the Red Devils were dealing with a third and twenty-four at their own ten yard line. Burlington fumbled the ball and it was recovered by Ian Dixon of Wakefield. First and goal for the Warriors and quarterback Javin Willis gave it to running back Leo Yardumian for a Wakefield touchdown 7-0 after the extra point.

Burlington’s next drive lasted for six plays. On second and thirteen they converted for a first down with a pass by Noke to wide receiver Sammy Doherty. After a few incompletions, the Red Devils decided to go for it on fourth and eleven at their own forty yard line. The pass was completed to tight end Tim Vadnais, but it didn’t result in a first down. Burlington turned the ball over at the thirty one yard line. 

Wakefield’s possession lasted for thirteen plays. One play resulted in a penalty by the Warriors’ offense which brought them back to a first and fifteen. Wakefield did one pass play and ran the ball for the remainder of the possession. They ended up having to convert on a third and three at Burlington’s nine yard line. Yardumian the running back ran it in for his second touchdown of the evening making it 14-0 after the extra point at the end of the first quarter. 

The Red Devils began the second quarter at the thirty nine yard line. On a critical third and seven, Noke ran it himself from the thirty three yard line and gained the first down. Later in the drive, the Red Devils were at the eight yard line on a second and six when Noke handed it off to running back Adam Eldeeb for a Burlington Touchdown making the score 14-6 on the scoreboard. The extra point was no good, keeping the score at 14-6 Wakefield. 

Wakefield’s next drive brought them to a third and three situation. However, a false start penalty brought them back to a third and eight at the thirty five yard line. Red Devil defender Anthony Elkins sacked Willis on the play and a fourth down punt gave the ball back to Burlington. 

The Red Devils had a three and out on the next drive. The Warriors next possession started at their own thirty yard line and lasted for nine plays. One play gave them some additional yards, due to a face mask penalty on Burlington. Wakefield marched down the field and reached the five yard line on a first and goal. Once again runningback Yardumian ran it for his third touchdown of the evening making it 21-6 after the extra point. Noke was sacked on the next drive by Warriors defender Ian Dixon. At halftime the score was 21-6 Wakefield.

The Warriors received the ball during the start of the second half at the forty two yard line, this drive lasted for six plays.  On a second and five the Warriors were at Burlington’s thirteen yard line. Quarterback Willis ran with the ball into the endzone to give Wakefield a 28-6 lead.  The Red Devils started their drive at the forty three yard line. Three plays later on a second and ten from the twenty seven yard line, Noke threw an interception to Christian Delgado of Wakefield. 

Willis and his offense started from the forty seven yard line. This nine play drive did not result in a touchdown, however the Warriors did go for it on a fourth and eight from the Red Devils thirteen yard line. Wakefield was unsuccessful and turned the ball over on downs to Burlington. During the drive, Noke was sacked by Nathan Ickes of Wakefield on a third and seven. Burlington punted the ball back to the Warriors on a fourth and seven. Wakefield started the next drive at the forty seven yard line. At the end of the third quarter it was 28-6 Warriors.

Now in the fourth quarter, Willis handed it off to running back Yardumian on a third and two from the thirty two yard line for another Wakefield touchdown bringing the score up to 35-6. Burlington’s next possession resulted in a three and out. Wakefield burned out the clock on their last drive. The final in the game was 35-6 Wakefield.

Burlington had a very tough battle against their opponent.

“We only had one drive where we were consistent,” Head Coach Dan MacKay said. “After that we couldn’t get into a rhythm,” he said. 

Burlington will be heading to Wilmington High School on October 15 for a date with the Wildcats. 

“We are going to continue to work at what we are doing  and continue to stick together to work hard and keep going,” MacKay said. 

The team drops to (0-5) on the season.