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School Committee Finalizes Question For Community Meeting

The Burlington School Committee has finalized a introductory paragraph and open-ended question meant to solicit feedback from the community on whether or not to consolidate Fox Hill and Pine Glen Elementary Schools. 

The question will be asked on a platform called ThoughtExchange, which participants can access on their phones using a QR code or a website URL, and will be available in multiple languages It will read as follows: 

As we look to our current school facilities infrastructure, we are seeking input from the entire Burlington community. We are currently studying the possibility of 1) a new stand-alone Fox Hill Elementary School, maintaining the current Pine Glen Elementary School, and 2) a new elementary school to include both Fox Hill and Pine Glen schools at the Fox Hill site, but maintaining them as independent schools under one roof. 

If the solution for the Fox Hill school projects is to construct a new facility for Fox Hill only, the existing Pine Glen will remain “as is” until such time that a direction is determined to update the existing Pine Glen facility. A High School Building Committee has just been formed, and the options to update the high school will not be known for some time. Based on rough estimates at this point of the feasibility study phase, the estimated impact on the average annual residential tax bill for Option 1 is $233, and $335 for Option 2. What are some important priorities and perspectives to consider as we plan for improvements of our school buildings?

Participants will be able to vote on the responses of others. 

The survey will also ask some demographic questions, like whether the respondent is a school staff member, parent/guardian, student, or community member/other; if the respondent has current or former BHS students in the household; and which elementary school district the respondents’ house is in. The responses will be anonymized.