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School Equity Audit Expected End of June

A long-awaited audit of equity issues in Burlington schools is expected by the end of June, according to Superintendent Eric Conti. 

The consultants have collected surveys from about 500 students, and auditors will be in the school district this week hosting conversations with students. Conversations with administrators are expected in early June. 

Quantitative data, including copies of policies and handbooks, have been sent to the auditors for their report. 

“Looking forward might not be the right word, but I want to have this information back so we can look at it and move forward,” Conti said. 

The district originally contracted with a group called Blackprint Educational Consulting to complete an equity audit, with an expected release date of October, 2022. No report was released. The district contracted with a new group, Commonwealth Consulting Agency, in March. Conti said the new consultants have been very responsive.