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School Summer Construction Projects Largely Complete

Burlington Public Schools’ operations department has completed renovations on Marshall Simonds Middle School air conditioning, the Early Childhood Center bathrooms, Memorial Elementary School kiln room, the Francis Wyman Elementary School stair treads, and the Francis Wyman grease traps, as well as paving and tree removal at Pine Glen Elementary School. That’s according to Director of Operations Bob Cunha. 

Cunha said a much-anticipated score board has been installed at the Marshall Simonds fields, with the first game played with it last Thursday. 

Cunha also reported some projects are ongoing, including the Francis Wyman playground. Old equipment, which has been on the site since 1996, has been successfully removed, and the new equipment is currently on site awaiting installation. 

Cunha is also working on bids for a new intercom system at Francis Wyman.