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Schoolhouse Ice Cream & Yogurt Create Your Own Flavor Contest

Schoolhouse Ice Cream & Yogurt proprietors Rob and Betty Stanley have been scooping out their delicious, homemade ice cream for 19 years in the Burlington Town Center. Having created plenty of ice cream recipes they are now reaching out for your ice cream flavor ideas through the Schoolhouse Ice Cream & Yogurt Instagram account. Rob Stanley is regularly checking the account in the search of that one unique flavor.

“We’re seeing if somebody has a creative flavor that hasn’t been done yet and has a cool name,” Stanley continued. “Everyday I’m scrolling through, if I see one that catches my eye I’ll write it down. And whichever flavor I end up picking I’m going to put it on Instagram to give props to the person that came up with it.” 

Go to the Schoolhouse Instagram and scroll to a post made on July 21st as see here, and leave your ice cream flavor and name idea in the comments.

schoolhouse flavorcontest 1

“I go through them all, because people keep adding them everyday”, Stanley continued. “And I really want them to be able to name it too, that’s really the fun part. The name is what people really get excited about.”

With almost two decades of homemade ice cream experience Stanley has a frugal pallet when it comes to Schoolhouse’s unique frozen confections.

“We’ve come out with so many flavors it’s really tough to have something catch my eye. So I’m really looking for that nice specific one that has a really good mix and a really cool name,” Stanley said. 

You can submit your ice cream flavor and name ideas until the end of August via the Schoolhouse Instagram. Perhaps you’ll find your idea among the pantheon of Schoolhouse Ice Cream and Yogurt flavors throughout the years. 

“We make real, small batch homemade ice cream with the best mix on the planet,” stated Stanley.