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Schools Proposing $1.2 Million in Capital Projects at May Town Meeting

With very little discussion, the Burlington School Committee voted to place four capital projects and two other warrant articles on the May Town Meeting warrant last week. The capital projects total approximately $1,239,400.

The first capital project, coming in at $725,000, is to fund the turf field and resurface the track at Burlington High School’s Varsity Field.

The next is $187,000 for insulation and weather stripping at Burlington High School and Marshall Simonds Middle School. These projects include perimeter air sealing at the middle school and door and window weather-stripping and pipe insulation at both schools.

According to the recommendation sheet from Rise Engineering, there are gaps causing air leakage at the wall to roof connection around the perimeter of the middle school in some sections. They also say there are 29 exterior doors at the middle school and 54 doors at the high school in need of weather-stripping.

The third capital project is $272,400 forth for the purpose of replacing the intercom at Francis Wyman Elementary School.

The last capital project is $55,000 for the installation of sanitary hygiene product dispensers district wide in all school bathrooms.

The first non-capital warrant article is $47,464.45 for Community Custodial services. Superintendent Eric Conti explains these funds are to pay the school department’s custodial costs for non-school events like scout meetings, PTO functions and youth sporting events. The school makes up these costs by charging for the use of its facilities.

Finally, the School Committee voted to place on the warrant an article seeking to to establish a fund for future payment of liabilities related to employees who have earned paid leave time and absences but have not used them when their position is terminated. Conti said there are different options for how to fund the account, including transferring any year-end surplus to it.

Town Meeting begins Monday, May 10 starting at 7:30 p.m. It will be held virtually with some members at the high school voting from classrooms. You can watch the entire meeting on our BCAT Government Facebook page.