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Sculpture Park Selection Process & Warrant Article

The Burlington Sculpture Park’s second ever call for a new artists has resulted in 30 submissions. Sculpture Park Committee member Barbara L’Heureux says they’re sticking with their initial selection procedure.

“It’s the same process as the last time. We went through them and eliminated works that we thought might not be safe, like if somebody tripped and fell on it would it hurt them, that kind of thing,” explained L’Heureux.

The remaining prospects are handed off to George Ratkevich, Department Head of the Burlington High School Art Department who is in communication with art teachers throughout the school district. The entries are sent out to the art classes of the high school, middle school and elementary schools where the students give feedback to the Sculpture Park Committee who then makes the final selections.

“And the last time we did that, I think everything we selected was on the kids favorite list,” said L’Heureux.

The Sculpture Park Committee also has a warrant article at the May Town Meeting seeking funding for the Sculpture Park. All the Sculpture Park activities thus far have been done with donations. L’Heureux spoke on how the Sculpture Park has been well received and it’s time for the town’s backing.

“The committee feels that Sculpture Park is a really great asset of the town, and has proven itself as such and that it would be appropriate for the town to invest at this point,” said L’Heureux.

The warrant is asking for $20,000. In addition to Sculpture Park’s existing budget, the funds would be for the purchase of one additional sculpture and the leasing of an additional four to five sculptures for the next two years. The majority of the funding would be to improve the entrance to the park, including the rock wall and making the park accessible according to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Improvements also include cleaning up of the site and adding drought resistant plantings. Committee member Jon Sachs put the request into simple terms.

“Think of $20,000, and Burlington’s population is roughly 20,000 so we’re asking for $1 per person for a whole year,” said Sachs.

The announcement of the new accepted sculptures for the Burlington Sculpture Park will be announced in summer 2022.