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Select Board Motion for ‘Letter of Support’ Fails

Following some lively Public Hearings regarding the proposed affordable housing project Winn View Heights II, the Select Board voted 2-1-1 in a failed motion for a Letter of Support (board member Joe Morandi was absent).  

The board had kept the most recent Public Hearing open from January 9th to January 12th so they could receive input from the Housing Partnership. A statement from the Housing Partnership, read by Chair Nick Priest, recognized the need for affordable and senior housing in Burlington, however found issues with public transportation and walkability at the proposed location in the Mountain Road area. The Housing Partnership voted 5-0-1 in approval of the project.

“We ask the Zoning Board of Appeals to obtain guidance from the Planning Department, Planning Board and Conservation Commission so they can make an informed decision about this development after a thorough and fact based review”, the statement reads. 

Select Board Vice-Chair Mike Runyan, a member of the Housing Partnership, voiced his support for the development. Board member Jim Tigges said he was leaning toward approving the Letter of Support. Member Mike Espejo said he believes the location is not appropriate for the development. Chair Priest expressed his conflicting notions on the matter and ultimately abstained from the vote.  

The board made it clear they recognize the need for more affordable and senior housing in Burlington.