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Selectmen Approve $500K Increase to Snow/Ice Removal Budget

The various snowstorms the area has been hit by this year has prompted an increase in the town budget.

The Board of Selectmen voted to raise the line item for snow and ice removal at the recommendation of DPW Director John Sanchez. This is the only line item towns can spend first and approve an increase for at a later date due to the nature of storm response.

Sanchez said the budget was initially $350,000 and he recommended it be increased by $500,000 for a new total of $850,000.

Sanchez said that on average it costs the town $12,000 for every inch of snow that falls. He added that so far this year they have had 14 snow events, four of which required the use of contractors to help clear the roads and sidewalks. During the biggest snowfall of the year the town had 50 contractors and 30 in house pieces of equipment out on the roads.

Members of the board voted to increase the snow/ice budget but said they hoped that it all wouldn’t have to be spent.