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Selectmen Hear Proposal for Project to Alter Intersection for Safety

The Board of Selectmen heard plans for a future project to help fix a dangerous intersection, increase sidewalks and add a pair of crosswalks.

The project was presented by DPW Director John Sanchez, Town Engineer Tom Hayes and Senior Engineer Stephen Hildreth. The site in question is the intersection where Peach Orchard Road ends and intersects with both Winter Street and Pearl Street.

Hayes said that after Town Meeting allocated funds for the sidewalk on Terrace Hall Avenue the town was able to get a grant for that project. The grant helped free up some funds for this project if Town Meeting agrees when the time comes.

Hildreth, using a virtual presentation, explained the details of the proposed project. First he said they would “bump out” the side of the road on the right hand side of Peach Orchard Road. This would make the right turn tighter, with the goal of slowing down people turning onto Pearl Street.

The second part of the project, Hildreth said, is to add crosswalks at the end of Peach Orchard Road and one on Pearl Street a bit distanced from the intersection. Finally, they plan to connect the sidewalks on Pearl and Winter Streets to increase walkability.

Hayes said they hope to get feedback from the board and residents living in the neighborhood. He said the plan is to be back for approval this fall and hopefully begin work at the start of the construction season in 2022.

Members of the board were in favor of the initial proposal and said they would study it and share their thoughts and questions. Some residents were also in the meeting and were in favor of doing something to make the intersection safer. It was decided there would be a special meeting to meet with residents and get their input that will be announced sometime this spring or summer.