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Sewer Work Set to Restart Monday on Francis Wyman Road Causing Detour

A sewer project that was originally intended to cause continuous delays for several weeks but was interrupted is set to resume on Monday.

As reported by BNEWS, the Burlington Engineering Division of the DPW has hired a contractor to install a sewer pipe on Francis Wyman Road for the Francis Wyman Road Sewer Pump Station and Force Main Project. Starting on July 25 the entirety of the road was shut down to traffic but last week it was reopened even though the project was set to take several weeks to complete.

Town Engineer Thomas Hayes said the work was put on pause because the contractor had to leave the job to deal with an issue with another project. However, the contractor is expected to resume the work on Monday, August 15.

“Starting Monday, August 15th, N. Granese & Sons will restart working on Francis Wyman for the Francis Wyman Road Sewer Pump Station and Force Main Project and will be shutting down Francis Wyman Road from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.,” a notice from the town states. “The detour route will be Cambridge Street to Bedford Street. The road will not be open to through traffic. Residents on Francis Wyman will have access but may be instructed to use the detour.”

Signage will be posted to help direct motorists around the construction project.