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Shawsheen Tech Principal on Graduation and Junior Prom

Shawsheen Tech Principal Jessica Cook recently updated the community about current plans for the Class of 2021 graduation and the Class of 2022 junior prom.

“I am writing today with an update regarding our plans for graduation this year,” she said in a post on the school’s website. “There are a number of requirements we must adhere to based on the guidance released from the state on Wednesday, April 28 that will drive many aspects of how we coordinate this event. These include but are not limited to: seating graduates 3 feet apart, seating groups of guests 6 feet apart, registering guests in advance, checking guests in, and requiring masks at all times. We will provide you with additional details on all of these requirements in the coming weeks to ensure everyone understands how to safely attend graduation this year.”

Principal Cook said the purpose of the communication is to provide the community with initial details that will allow everyone to plan accordingly. They will hold a ceremony for the entire senior class on the football field like they have historically. This year, however, they will be limiting the number of guests to four per graduate since this is the maximum number they can accommodate while remaining in compliance with the social distancing requirements. All guests will be required to register in advance. they will reach out in the coming weeks with additional information about guest registration and the other logistics associated with attending this year’s graduation ceremony.

Principal Cook also updated the community about current plans for the Junior Prom.

“I am writing today with an update about this year’s Junior Prom, which is tentatively scheduled for Friday, June 11,” she said. “Due to current gathering limits in Massachusetts, our prom venue cannot accommodate the entire junior class. We have determined that we will only host the event if all juniors who want to go are able to do so. Please fill out the Junior Prom Survey by the end of the day Monday, May 10 to let us know if you would attend the Junior Prom or not. We will contact you again next week with our final decision after we review the data from that survey. Please note that if the prom is held, it will be limited only to Shawsheen students in the Class of 2022.”