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Shawsheen Tech Students Build Fenway Replica

Up to 90 Shawsheen Valley Technical High School students have built a partial replica of Fenway Park as part of a Sophomore project. The project was put on hold last year due to COVID. This year Shawsheen students came together and finished the endeavor in five weeks for their open house.

The reproduction is a scaled down version of Fenway Park’s exterior along Yawkey Way. The likeness is uncanny with realistic details in the championship banners, doors and masonry arches. Shawsheen Masonry Instructor Jim Benito commented on reactions to the lifelike facade.

“You should see their faces when the other staff comes in or the parents come in,” remarked Besito.

The replica exhibits students skills in carpentry, masonry, plumbing and metal work. The look-a-like has working lamps and recreates the World Series championship banners down to the font. Besito spoke to how the project and its results benefit students.

“It’s about showing the kids how to be productive members of society and telling them that being successful is being happy going to work. That’s what I think successful is,” said Besito.

The students on the project have extended an invitation to any members of the Boston Red Sox, past or present, to come see their Fenway Park replica in person.