BCAT Highlights

Speak of The Devils – Winter 2021 Edition

BHS TV’s late-night variety program is back after a two-year hiatus with a fresh new look and feel, hosted by Veronica Chang (BHS Class of 2022) and Nate Carey (BHS Class of 2023).

In this episode: Teen Voice with BPS Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Raymond Porch, Hot Topic Roundtable Discussion, Veronica Chang’s GoFundMe to “Save the Ocean from COVID-19 Pollution & Beyond”, Fake Commercial for Matthew Salazar’s (Fake) 2024 Presidential Campaign, Spotlight on BHS’s E-Sports Club, A Look at The Return of BHS’s Thanksgiving Pep Rally, BNEWS Sports Hub Corner with BNEWS Sports Reporter Anthony Matos, Highlights from The Arts in The Sculpture Park Show, and Mad Lib Theater…