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Town Meeting Approves Funding for Returning Fourth of July Parade

The Annual Fourth of July Parade is set make its triumphant return in town this summer.

During the evening of May 16th, Town Meeting voted to approve the transfer of $40,000 from the town’s Free Cash to cover expenses associated with the parade. Typically, the Fourth of July Committee has only asked for Town Meeting to cover $20,000, or half of the cost to put on the parade and fireworks display, but this year they are asking for coverage of the total cost.

Nick Priest, Chairman of the Select Board and the Fourth of July Committee, explained that while in past years half of the parade has been covered by sponsors, the committee is seeing and anticipating many local business partners unable to donate as much in previous years, if at all, citing the impact on business over the last two years.

Last year the committee held a Rolling Rally on the Fourth in lieu of the traditional parade and fireworks display, with minimal participation from outside businesses and organizations. Priest explained “Through the few donations we were able to get, as well as what we had left in our account, we spent that on the Rolling Rally, so we’re entering this year with zero dollars in [our] account.”

Priest hopes that next year the committee will be able to reestablish relationships with their business partners, and only have to ask for Town Meeting to cover half of the parade’s expenses. Town Meeting ultimately voted 42-6 in favor and approved the funding.

The committee is still seeking donations, as well as participants in the parade, and new committee members. Selectman Priest spoke to BNEWS after Town Meeting, stating “while Town Meeting is our primary donor this year due to the economic impact of the pandemic, this parade is volunteer-run and every dollar we raise goes right back into the parade.”

Those interested in donating, taking part in the parade, or joining the committee, visit the Burlington Fourth of July website. The parade will be begin at 11 a.m. on the morning of Monday July 4th, starting at the corner of Cambridge Street and Wilmington Road, and ending at Marshall Simonds on Winn Street. The fireworks display will take place later in the evening. Specific times and locations will be announced in the coming months.