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Town Meeting Approves Up to Five Year Waste Collection Contract Negotiation  

At the recent Town Meeting the body was asked to authorize the Select Board to enter into a waste collection/disposal contract agreement for up to five years. The current contract is ending in June. 

The Select Board can only negotiate a contract for up to three years. With Town Meeting approval they can negotiate a five year deal, which would most likely be more cost effective.

Burlington is working with the towns of Tewksbury and Tyngsboro to possibly negotiate a multi town arrangement. Ways & Means Committee Chair John Iler told the assembly to expect an increase in the May Operating Budget. 

“We already know that the amounts we’re being charged, in some cases, are below the actual cost the vendor is incurring,” said Iler. 

Town Administrator Paul Sagarino reiterated that a significant increase will be coming with the new contract

“We just came off a very favorable contact,” said Sagarino. “The trash collector was losing money on us through most of the contract.”

Town Meeting voted to authorize the Select Board to negotiate up to a five year contract.