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Town Meeting Going Hybrid Again

Town Meeting Moderator Bill Beyer and Town Clerk Amy Warfeild were before the Select Board requesting that the forthcoming May 9th Town Meeting be hybrid. Beyer addressed the board.

“It’s with great regret that I come before you to ask for us to be able to have a hybrid meeting for the upcoming May Town Meeting,” said Beyer. “I’ll be urging all Town Meeting members, who would be comfortable with it, to show up in person because I strongly believe Town Meeting works betting in person. The level of discussion is much better.”

Board member Mike Espejo asked Beyer if there were Town Meeting members hesitant to come back. Beyer explained it’s about the recent rise in COVID numbers.

“There are a number of Town Meeting members who have expressed concern. And so to accommodate that I think the proper thing to do is to have a hybrid meeting,” Beyer said. “It’s the correct thing to do at this time to allow all Town Meeting members to participate.” 

The Select Board approved the hybrid Town Meeting 5-0-0. Town Meeting will be held on Monday, May 9th at 7:30pm at the Burlington High School auditorium or via hybrid. Check the Town of Burlington website for links as the date approaches.