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Woman Charged with Assault After Allegedly Throwing Tomato at Asian-American College Student in Burlington

A local college student of Asian descent told her school’s newspaper that she was assaulted at the Burlington H-Mart last month during a time when discrimination against Asian American/Pacific Island communities is reportedly high across the country.

The Wellesley News, the student newspaper for Wellesley College, reports that an unidentified female student says that on March 11 a woman threw a tomato at her while she was shopping with her parents at the Burlington location of the Asian supermarket.

According to the article, the student confronted the woman who allegedly threw the tomato and asked if she had done it and the woman reportedly responded “yes, I threw it at you, and it’s because you disgust me, and I hope that you can get your life back together.”

The paper further reports that the student’s mother called the police and her father attempted to prevent the woman from leaving the premises and was nearly struck by the woman’s car in the process.

According to the Burlington Police Department’s logs, they did receive a call at 2:39 p.m. from a woman at H-Mart stating a woman threw a tomato at her daughter. Burlington Police further report they issued a summons to Yelena Kann, 54, of Marblehead on a charge of Assault & Battery related to the incident.

BNEWS has requests for additional information into both the Burlington Police Department and the Middlesex District Attorney’s office and will update the story as more information is available.